2017-11-15 Justin Windadd a basic cw alarm master
2017-10-23 Justin Windadd rudimentary web interface for user management
2017-10-23 Justin Windquagga key is variable
2017-10-23 Justin Windgenerate dhparam locally rather than on vpn server
2017-10-05 Justin Windignore amazon-linux ami release-candidate versions
2017-09-26 Justin Windfix bug in sqs-action update
2017-09-20 Justin Windupdates to sqs-action
2017-09-20 Justin Windadd rudimentary ddb account creation scripts
2017-09-14 Justin Windignore amazon-linux ami release-candidate versions
2017-09-14 Justin Windrotate vpn logs
2017-09-14 Justin is slightly more verbose
2017-09-14 Justin Windadd alarms on management queues
2017-09-11 Justin Windinitial commit of replacement infrastructure automation
2017-09-08 Justin Windminor tweaks to roles
2017-09-08 Justin Windadd mount-efs role
2017-04-24 Justin Windtry to reuse quagga password
2017-04-21 Justin Windsplit msca data volume into role
2017-04-18 Justin Windadd more vpn support things
2017-04-18 Justin Windfix openvpn things
2017-04-18 Justin Windallow different name for management module
2017-04-18 Justin Windquiet prompt on private systems
2017-04-17 Justin Windlet vpcaccess systems disable their own src/dest check
2017-04-03 Justin Windgroup inventory by instance tags as well
2017-03-16 Justin Windvpcaccess-dev gets openvpn roles
2017-03-16 Justin Windadd msca-openvpn role
2017-03-16 Justin Windmsca installs custom repo
2017-03-16 Justin Windallow openvpn ports for vpcaccess
2017-03-16 Justin Windadd awslogs role
2017-03-16 Justin Windactually fix bash prompt
2017-03-16 Justin Windfix asg/lc names
2017-03-15 Justin Windfix bash prompt
2017-03-14 Justin Windfix branding, route cron mail, add msca shim
2017-03-14 Justin Winduse common framework for management infrastructure
2017-03-14 Justin Windcreate stacks with more generic role things
2017-03-13 Justin Windfix vpcaccess sg
2017-03-13 Justin Windadd vpcaccess role
2017-03-13 Justin Winddo dependant infrastructure tasks on non-root localhost
2017-03-10 Justin Windsplit infrastructure further
2017-03-10 Justin Windadd some simple startup docs
2017-03-10 Justin Windupdate management bits
2017-03-10 Justin Windsplit out management infrastructure role further
2017-03-10 Justin Windrename management infrastructure role
2017-03-10 Justin Winddelete queue messages for which there was no playbook
2017-03-10 Justin Windallow inventory script to select IP domain via envvar
2017-03-10 Justin Windfinish fixing common
2017-03-09 Justin Windfix fancier prompt
2017-03-09 Justin Windfix some common tasks
2017-03-09 Justin Windfixes to complete basic infrastructure buildout
2017-03-09 Justin Windfurther progress on infrastructure buildout
2017-03-07 Justin Windadd initial vpc buildout role
2016-12-05 Justin Windassorted small fixes, add some management infrastructure
2016-10-12 Justin Windinitial import
2016-10-11 Justin Windroot commit (empty)