2012-05-25 Justin Windmerge master
2012-05-25 Justin Windmerge
2012-05-25 Justin Windmerge
2012-05-25 Justin Windfurther cleanup of message callback changes
2012-05-25 Justin Windfurther cleanup of message callback changes
2012-05-25 Justin Windadded verbosity command to shell
2012-05-25 Justin Windconsolidated log message callbacks
2012-05-23 Justin Windtypo, missing semicolon
2012-05-23 Justin Windmerge: expanded accounting-event coverage, rewrote...
2012-05-23 Justin Windexpanded accounting-event coverage, rewrote cycle timing
2012-05-21 Justin Windmoved module/hw fields around
2012-05-20 Justin Windfinished reorg of abstracted module interfaces
2012-05-20 Justin Windfurther reorg of module abstraction and control interface
2012-05-18 Justin Windmodualarized 'hardware' api changes complete
2012-05-17 Justin Windinitial api changes to support hw_ devices as more...
2012-05-17 Justin Windcleanup warnings in gcc, fixed some hw module cleanup...
2012-05-17 Justin Windcycles now correctly accounted for
2012-05-16 Justin Windactually use ring buffer in hw_keyboard.c
2012-05-16 Justin Windjust rearranging Makefile for linux
2012-05-15 Justin Windkeyboard now processes keys via rfb. framework in...
2012-05-14 Justin Windfixed palette-to-color conversion
2012-05-13 Justin Windfixed typo in POP looking at wrong register
2012-05-13 Justin Windstarting to add timing to vm driver
2012-05-12 Justin Windadded doc files, test for display
2012-05-12 Justin Windfixed bug with instruction decoding in dcpu, fixed...
2012-05-12 Justin Windfurther changes for v1.7: cpu fixes, support for 'hardw...
2012-05-09 Justin Windv1.7 spec mostly implemented, mostly untested
2012-05-05 Justin Winddcpu16 spec updated to v1.7, no code changes yet
2012-05-05 Justin Windtypo fix
2012-05-04 Justin Windminor cleanup
2012-05-04 Justin Windminor linux portability for buffered image writes
2012-05-04 Justin Windsupport png output, buffered file writing
2012-04-23 Justin Windminor cleanups to display and callback routines
2012-04-22 Justin Windfixes for assembler - label addrs and DAT statements
2012-04-22 Justin Windtile rendering for chargen now working correctly
2012-04-21 Justin Windinitial support for a display module, incomplete
2012-04-19 Justin Windadded user data to event callbacks
2012-04-19 Justin Windadded cpu context to event callbacks
2012-04-19 Justin Windremoved checks for setting literal operands
2012-04-18 Justin Windminor portability enhancements
2012-04-18 Justin Windminor cleanup of verbosity
2012-04-18 Justin Windredid line tokenizer
2012-04-17 Justin Windfixing sloppy errors introduced with new strqtok
2012-04-16 Justin Windbegan support for DAT assembler directive
2012-04-14 Justin Windgeneralized list handling of instructions and labels
2012-04-13 Justin Windcleaned up verbosity in vm-dcpu16.c
2012-04-13 Justin Windremoved old skip code
2012-04-13 Justin Windcleanup, simplified event callbacks, step now consumes...
2012-04-13 Justin Windfixed instruction length issue
2012-04-13 Justin Windbugfix in event accounting
2012-04-13 Justin Windadded callback support for memory access
2012-04-12 Justin Windbetter shell loop
2012-04-12 Justin Windvm-dcpu16 shell rewritten to be use command table
2012-04-11 Justin Windseparated vm-dcpu16.c cli driver wrapper from vm emulat...
2012-04-11 Justin Windadded tests/test.bin
2012-04-11 Justin Windredid value_bits_ and assorted cleanup
2012-04-10 Justin Windassembler functional now
2012-04-10 Justin Windactually commit minor cleanups
2012-04-10 Justin Windminor cleanups, added docs and test files
2012-04-10 Justin Windassembler functional
2012-04-08 Justin Windinitial commit